Best Coffee Makers

Lets talk about the best coffee makers available.  I know you would like to have an easy list of the best name brands and models, however, everyone approaches making coffee differently, and everyone has there own opinion of what good coffee is.  Therefore, the best anyone can realisticly do is to provide tips to help you narrow down your search, from which you can then make your own educated decision on what the best coffee makers are. In my humble opinion, I believe there are only two ways to approach making delicious coffee; first is with a French press, and second is using an automatic drip coffee maker.  I know there are other types of coffee makers available, however let me explain why these are superior to other methods and styles.

Best Coffee Makers: The French Press 

First,  lets start with why I believe a french press is one of the best coffee makers available.  To put it simply, a french press is extremely convenient. It is light weight, portable, easy to clean, operate, and it produces wonderfully rich coffee.  I love using a French press because I have total control over the outcome of my coffee.  For example:

1.) I have control over the water temperature: This is important because if the water is not hot enough it will not release all of the oils within the beans.

2.) I have control over the grinding process: I can make my beans as coarse or fine as I choose

3.) I have control over how much coffee grinds and hot water I put into the press, thus controlling the strength of the brew.

4.)  I  also have control over how long the water is in contact with the beans, so again I can control the strength of the coffee.

When shopping for a french press you will find they are all very similar. The only real difference I have noticed is within the quality of materials used to make one.  I actually broke my first French press one morning before work.  So don’t be fooled, they may all look the same, yet there are some slight differences and things to look for when buying one.

  • Don’t buy glass:  Because a French press is highly portable you have the option to bring them camping or on other little trips,  so a non breakable french press is recommended.  Furthermore, if your like me, then you are a little clumsy before that first morning coffee.
  • Make sure the bottom of the press is flat and sits flush with the counter top:  I only say this because my old French presses had four small plastic legs, and one morning when I was pushing the coffee down, one of the legs broke off causing my press to go sliding across the counter, off the edge, and then shattering on the floor.
  • Screw on / off filter:  I’ve seen some without this option and being able to unscrew the filter makes cleaning it far easier.

Best Coffee Makers: Automatic drip coffee maker

The second method and probably one of the most common is the automatic drip coffee maker.  When researching these you are presented with almost too many brands, styles, and bells and whistles to wrap your head around. So what I want to do for you is list what I believe are the most important features to look for.

1.) Get a stainless steel carafe (coffee container): These retain the heat, flavor, aroma, and freshness far longer than a glass carafe. In addition, most stainless steel carafes are built with a pour / lock spout which also contribute in retaining the heat and freshness of your coffee in between use. Another reason stainless steel is superior is that most coffee makers using a glass carafe come with a heat plate, and unfortunately these generally leave your coffee tasting burnt.

2.) A built in coffee grinder: This allows you to wake up to the freshest coffee available. All you have to do is place the beans in the hopper the night before, set the timer, and then the coffee maker will grind the beans right before brewing. As most coffee addicts know, you must buy whole coffee beans and grind them right before you brew, thus ensuring the best flavor.

3.) Bells and whistles: There are many different features available on the market, yet the best coffee makers come with a few common traits:

  • Adjustable strength setting
  • Removable filter
  • Pause / serve function
  • Programmable cup amount
  • Timer

I hope I was able to help you narrow down your search.   If you would like to view some of the best coffee makers available,  feel free to click the link in the sidebar.    


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